Zurvita All-Natural Protein Mix, Chocolate & Vanilla Combo, 20-Servings

This bundle includes 2 bags of 20 servings each 1 – Vanilla Créme & 1-Chocolate Delight Protein NEW formulas boost protein absorption with 5 billion CFU probiotics and digestive enzymes at only 140 calories per scoop! Your favorite vanilla and chocolate taste without artificial sweeteners.  We call it Choco-Nilla you will love to combine or take on your own!

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What’s inside our Protein:
20 grams of whey protein isolate concentrate, and pea protein blend
Over 24 vitamins, minerals, and stabilized rice bran
5 billion CFU probiotics
Digestive enzymes

How –To Enjoy It!
Shake well after adding one scoop to eight ounces of cold water or your choice of milk. To get the most out of it, drink it every day, twice as a smoothie or snack, preferably within an hour of finishing your workout to help aid in muscle recovery.

PRO TIP: When combined with fruit, veggies or a scoop of your favorite ZEAL, it makes a delicious and effective meal replacement!

Item form, powder. 26.4 oz (1.65 lbs). Flavor, Vanilla Créme. Feature All-Natural.


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